Never get into
precarious situations.

We are always available for you with advice and help as well as initial assistance.

In case of damage

The question isn’t whether, but rather when the first damage case occurs. Precisely in such cases, unnecessary errors should be avoided:

  • What do you have to think of first at this point?
  • Which documents are required?
  • What should be observed so that the insurance protection is not put at risk?
  • How short-term may any necessary repairs be commenced?
  • When and to which sum will the damage be settled?

One phone call to us is sufficient, either to our office or to the Field Service employee responsible for you. Ideally, we clarify all the main questions on-site and take over any further damage processing matters for you. In this way, we ensure that your normal course of operations is not interrupted for longer than is necessary.

It doesn’t matter whether your forest machinery tips over, whether a power or earth conductor is destroyed, or whether a person sustains an injury from a tree which has been cut down: there are almost no damages which we have not yet experienced – and settled.